“One of my greatest pleasures in this business is talking to my customers and learning about their businesses.”

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One of my greatest pleasures in this business is talking to my customers and learning about their businesses. My unyielding curiosity and fascination about everything in this world are the reasons that drove me to play around in technology, to shift my career path from small-business onsite IT to the owner and primary sales driver for a leading Managed Services Provider. This passion is only eclipsed by my love and drive to create and maintain strong relationships with everyone I meet. I maintain no business relationships; rather, I create friends, draw in family, and strive to always provide excellent service to those who rely on me.

An MSP (Managed Services Provider) is a popular option for those in the business of looking for IT Help. We are an outsourced IT department that specializes in ensuring that your systems run smoothly and providing Help Desk services in the event of an issue. Our MSP is the same as any other MSP; the difference – like in every business – lies in the people involved and how well we do the job.

Everyone part of the IntelliComp family is firmly entrenched in the IntelliComp culture, eager to learn and understand the customers’ businesses. This allows us to implement the best technical solutions to provide optimal efficiency and maximum savings with minimum down time while ensuring security and data integrity. Our technical team, headed by our Director of Technical Services, was formed with the dream of “Breaking the stigma people have about calling Tech Support. Make them enjoy calling for help, knowing that the problem will be fixed quickly in a friendly, professional manner.”

Thank you for being a customer, part of our family, and trusting us with your business.

Sincerely, Kevin Kahn,
IntelliComp Technologies


Our Leadership Team

IntelliComp is composed of some of the brightest and most knowledgeable employees in the IT industry. We love to make our clients happy, which is only slightly overshadowed by our love of all things tech. We live and breathe this stuff, which is why we are so good at what we do. Our team is composed of a technologically diverse staff with different backgrounds, giving us knowledge and experience in all types of industries and technologies. We strive to break that “tech support stigma” and give our clients the best experience possible. Come see for yourself!


Kevin Kahn | President

Kevin started IntelliComp Technologies back in 1994. He has a background in Computer Science from UMBC and over 20 years experience in the IT industry. As the head of an in-house IT team, he recognized the value of an outsourced IT option that can give organizations the knowledge and expertise they needed at the fraction of the price. His focus and dedication to the company and its clients has transformed IntelliComp from a local IT provider to an MSP with a national presence. Under Kevin’s leadership, IntelliComp has created a truly unique name for itself in the industry, ensuring clients are always happy and taken care of.


Nathan Samet | COO

As COO, Nathan supervises IntelliComp’s day-to-day performance on both business and tech matters. With his unique perspective formed through experience and training – he holds a master’s degree in business administration and is a Microsoft-certified systems engineer – Nathan keeps the business running smoothly on all fronts. His dynamic and passionate approach results in satisfied customers, happy employees, and unparalleled company-wide efficiency.


Mendy Green | CTO

As Chief Technology Officer for IntelliComp Technologies, Mendy Green started his career with one goal in mind; raise the bar for IT. “We must do better, we will do better”. From troubleshooting simple issues to automating massive projects, Mendy strives to improve processes and procedures for everyone in an effort to improve the quality of life for all things tech. Taking a no-nonsense but patient approach to the world of Technical Support, Mendy takes the time to teach everyone from outside technical support to peers and workers, pushing them to be their best encouraging them to believe in themselves. Mendy’s strengths lay in his ability to simplify complexities which allows him to easily identify the problem points of any situation and move forward towards a solution. Mendy has also been a Connectwise admin for the last 4 years and is one of the Managing Partners of the highly active Connectwise community MSPGeek.com.


Joel Insel | Help Desk Manager

If you’ve experienced IntelliComp’s legendary customer service, you can thank Joel, our helpdesk manager. All service inquiries, requests, and issues ultimately land on Joel’s virtual desk. After joining IntelliComp as a service technician in 2015, Joel developed a knack for management and rose through the ranks to his current position. With devotion and diplomacy, Joel balances the demands of both customers and employees to provide exemplary customer assistance.

IT Services Across The United States

IntelliComp Technologies provides nationwide support and has several locations across the United States to help serve all your IT needs.

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