Adding Efficiency to Your School with Professional IT Services

It’s no secret that today’s teachers are incredibly busy, hard-working people. Teaching, molding, and guiding their students is more than a full-time commitment, and yet so many teachers end up with even more on their plates than they’re able to handle. There’s basically no upside to having the teachers of a school struggling to keep up with tasks like technology maintenance or IT security. With the pressures of students, grades, and time limits, adding these additional responsibilities onto any teacher’s plate will only result in unmanageable stress for them, or unfair consequences for their students. With professional IT services for your school, you can avoid these problems before they ever start!

Don’t Lose Precious Time

Busy teachers can’t afford to waste time on the tasks and projects that are the responsibility of an IT team. Not only do most teachers have much different areas of expertise, but they simply have too many other responsibilities to take care of! From creating lesson plans and grading tests and papers to mentoring students as they grow and guiding them through the school year, a teacher’s time and attention is too valuable to be focused on anything except being a teacher. With the help of professional IT services, they’ll have the freedom to do just that! Working more efficiently is possible for any teacher with Intellicomp Technologies to provide support.

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Using Professional IT Services

Shifting from relying on teachers and other school staff to manage IT to relying on a dedicated IT team can be a transformative experience for an entire school, adding efficiency, reliability, and safety all around.. In this day and age, everything is tech, even in our classrooms and school administration, and that means that everything is vulnerable to cyberattack or to hiccups and malfunctions that disrupt the work and learning that goes on in a school. With the services provided by professional IT teams like Intellicomp Technologies, none of these problems will have to be worries on your mind.

Increased School Cybersecurity

Just because our popular idea of cyberattack targets is one of multi-million dollar corporations does not mean that this is the only type of organization that is vulnerable to wrongdoers. Schools and their technological systems are hubs of personally identifiable information (PII) for both students and teachers. Names, addresses, contact information, social security numbers, tax information– all of these things can attract a cybercriminal, and without proper security measures in place, can lead a school to being on the receiving end of an attack that puts its staff, students, and the families of students all in jeopardy. With the workload of school employees, this is too much work and too big of a responsibility to be on the plate of any internal team member! Instead, turning to an expert in cybersecurity like Intellicomp Technologies keeps your teachers and administrators free to focus their attention and energy on what really matters, while the safety of the entire school can be managed and maintained by highly-trained professionals who know their stuff!

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Improved Student Learning Experiences

Every teacher today knows the struggle of fighting with an online platform that just refuses to cooperate. While using tech tools is an essential part of education in our digital age, a misbehaving grade portal, communication program, or student forum can lead to confused students, unhappy parents, and stressed teachers who are all dealing with the hassle of technology disrupting the flow of the classroom instead of aiding it. Teachers have no time to waste on troubleshooting email platforms or online testing programs! In order to work at maximum efficiency, today’s schools and teachers need the assistance of professional IT services to help keep their digital tools running smoothly, for both the sake of their own stress and the experience of their students!

Dealing with the IT needs of one classroom’s worth of students is a major commitment, not to mention the IT needs of an entire school. There’s no end to the benefits that you can enjoy from letting an organization like Intellicomp Technologies take over the heavy lifting of your school’s IT! From freeing up your teachers to work more efficiently to keeping your establishment safe and secure, we’re ready to help you do technology right. Interested in learning more? Make sure to contact us online with any questions!