Plaintext, unsecured, and unencrypted passwords in your environment

One of the many security services we provide our clients is to monitor for passwords stored locally in plaintext on client devices. Passwords saved in Word or Excel documents can make it really easy for a potential bad actor to quickly gain control of your accounts.

Risks of storing and sharing passwords in plaintext.

Anyone can read it.

Let’s start with the obvious. If you store a password in clear, readable text, anyone who has (un)authorized access to your account or device can read it. Cybercriminals can access your passwords without much effort. They can use malware designed to target files in specific applications or platforms, and once they find the unencrypted file, they will have full access to your credentials. Malicious software, such as keyloggers or spyware, can easily target and extract information from unencrypted password documents, leading to unauthorized access to your accounts.

Lack of access control, no auditing, or logging.

Unprotected documents do not offer access controls or permissions. Anyone with access to the computer, or who gains access to the file, can view and misuse the stored passwords. Unprotected documents also lack features for auditing and logging access. In case of suspicious activity or a security incident, it becomes difficult or impossible to trace who accessed the password information. If you need to revoke access to certain passwords or update them, an unencrypted document provides no streamlined way to manage this securely.
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No version control and backup risks.

Without encryption and proper storage solutions, you lack version control. It becomes challenging to manage updates and changes to passwords securely. There could also likely be a lack of backups of the data. In the event that data is accidentally or maliciously destroyed, you may permanently lose access to your data, effectively locking you out of your accounts.

Compliance and legal issues.

Depending on your location and industry, there may be legal and compliance requirements regarding the storage and protection of sensitive information. Storing passwords in an unencrypted format may lead to non-compliance.

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Advantages of a centralized, secure, and compatible password manager.

Plaintext, unsecured, and unencrypted passwords in your environment

Generate random passwords.

Password managers can generate random passwords for each of your accounts. Password cracking programs are designed to guess the most common passwords first, so completely random passwords will always be far stronger than those you come up with off the top of your head. Separate and individual passwords can be easily created for each service you use, strengthening your overall online security. So if one website you use is hacked, not all of your accounts are affected.

Simple access to multiple accounts.

You can log in to accounts easily. Once you sign up for a password manager, you can install a browser extension that will autofill logins for you while still storing them securely.

Easily change your passwords.

Password managers make changing or resetting passwords a breeze. If a website you have an account with has been hacked, you can stay secure by using a built-in password generator to create a new password.

Use the convenient autofill feature.

You can still use the form autofill feature when you have a password manager. Instead of letting your web browser save your form information, entrust your password manager to store your personal details safely.

Share passwords securely.

You can share passwords to joint accounts with family or coworkers. Of course, it’s generally not recommended you give away your personal passwords, but for shared accounts, a password manager gives you the option to control who has access to passwords.

Store more than just passwords.

Answers to security questions, shopping profiles, memberships, and medical prescriptions are just a few examples of additional information that can be stored securely in your password safe.

How can IntelliComp help you?

IntelliComp strongly recommends the use of a centralized, business-approved and managed, secure, and easy-to-use password manager. We are a trusted partner and use Keeper Security internally for all our employees, resulting in a significant increase in our security as well as reduced friction in accessing websites and services securely. As a trusted partner, we can offer Keeper Security to your organization for a reduced cost from MSRP and fully install, manage, and support it for you.