Professional IT for Your School: Should It Be A Priority?

As a school administrator, there’s undoubtedly more on your mind on any given day than you know what to do with, and more on your plate that you’re ever able to complete. The demands of running an educational institution are always high, but in today’s day and age, technology has completely changed the game. While the assistance of digital tools does make some responsibilities easier to handle, it also adds additional ones onto the pile.

Professional IT services can help to take these tasks off of your hands, and can provide you with plenty of other benefits besides, but should securing a service like this really be high on your priority list? Many school administrators may have the mindset that they’ve done alright without IT before, so why should they change something that seems to be working? However, this ignores the many advantages that a dedicated IT staff can bring you, including helping you to retain teachers! Keep reading to learn more about why IT services should be a priority for you and your school.

Increase Security

In many people’s minds, the targets of a potential cyberattack are governmental organizations and major corporations that have access to large amounts of money or classified information. An establishment like a school must not be something that the average cybercriminal would attempt to attack, right? Sadly, these days this is far from the truth. 

Schools have become more and more common targets for cyberattacks, in part due to the huge amount of personal information, like names and addresses, that they keep on file, but also because compared to larger organizations, they tend to have very lax cybersecurity practices, if they have any in place at all. Bringing in professional IT services for your school can help to stop these potential threats in their tracks, protecting your students and staff and their families from potentially having their identities stolen or your school system from being shut down by a ransomware attack.

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Enhance System Performance

If you’ve had anything at all to do with the education system in the last ten years or so, you know what an immense source of frustration it is for a school’s digital system or online platform to not be working. Students can’t complete or submit assignments, kids and parents can’t access important records, teachers can’t grade, and admin staff can’t work. A malfunctioning piece of technology in today’s school system brings education to a screeching halt, and getting things working again is often far easier said than done.

When you have a professional IT team on call that you can turn to in moments like these, not only can you count on things being up and running again in shorter amounts of time, but you can also have the peace of mind of knowing that these instances will occur far less frequently! Having an IT team that can do maintenance and upkeep on your digital platforms can prevent bugs, crashes, and other problems that disrupt the flow of work and teaching in your school, helping you to save time, money, and effort all around.

Improve Teacher Retention

Being a teacher today is difficult, and keeping teachers is just as hard. Teacher shortages and the high demands of the job have made it difficult for schools to keep their classrooms fully staffed, and though it may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about retention problems, the lack of dedicated IT services might be a contributing factor at your school as well. 

The fact is, just because you don’t have an IT team or department doesn’t mean you don’t need one. The requirements for maintenance and upkeep don’t go away, and the responsibility usually ends up falling to teachers who have many, many other responsibilities and demands on their time. Having job requirements that aren’t theirs starting to pile up and pulling their time and attention away from their students is a major source of frustration and dissatisfaction for many teachers, and making the effort to add IT services to take tech issues off their plate can be a huge relief! With less to worry about and more time to actually teach, it’s common for the addition of professional IT service to a school to boost their rates of teacher retention.

There isn’t a school out there today that doesn’t need to worry about safety, workflow, and teacher retention, which means that every school could benefit from the kind of invaluable IT services that we at Intellicomp Technologies provide, including yours! If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us today.