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Education is a profession that’s necessary everywhere in the world, but just because it’s common doesn’t mean that it’s easy, or a career for the faint of heart! Everyone who works in a school, from teachers to administrative staff, are responsible for the wellbeing of their students and their families, and by extension, a huge portion of their communities. The entire organization doesn’t only need to be worried about the quality of education they’re providing to their students, but the safety and security they’re providing as well.

In this day and age, threats to a school don’t only need to be stopped at the front door. Cyberattacks are also a major risk for educational centers, and no matter the size or location of your school, you could be vulnerable to a technology-based attack at any time if not properly protected. No educator should let this possibility be a weight on their shoulders, especially when there are resources like professional IT security available!

Why is the Education Sector Vulnerable to Cybercriminals?

Multiple studies, surveys, and other resources have reported that the education sector is reporting higher and higher levels of cyberattacks year over year. The sector features some of the fastest growing digital crime rates right now, meaning that not only is it possible, it’s likely that a school like yours could come under attack from cybercriminals.

So why have schools become such lucrative targets for attacks like these? Essentially, the education center represents a hotbed of valuable information to a cybercriminal looking to make illegal money, and unlike, for example, a major corporation or a financial institution, a school is much less likely to be well-guarded against digital security threats. To put things in real-world terms, a carjacker will be more likely to target an unlocked car in a poorly lit or secured area than to go for a big score like an expensive car that’s probably better protected. The same goes for cybercriminals.

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What’s At Stake?

The databases, online files, and other digital resources of your school are a treasure trove of information for a cybercriminal– names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, financial information and other things that you keep on file for your students, families, and staff can all be stolen by a hacker and sold on the dark web. Having your identity stolen in this manner can be catastrophic for any member of your school.

Furthermore, schools can be just as vulnerable to ransomware attacks as any other organization, an insidious type of extortion where a hacker shuts down access to vital programs or data and refuses to reopen them unless they are paid a ransom. While your local banks and corporations usually have safeguards in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening, schools are much less likely to have adequate cybersecurity measures implemented. These attacks can lead to disruptions in school schedules and the flow of education, as well as the potential waste of school funds and taxpayer dollars.

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What Can I Do?

If your school doesn’t have rigorous cybersecurity measures in place, including multi-factor authentication, anti-virus programs, continuous digital threat monitoring, data backups, and other protections, the fact is that you’re at risk for a cyberattack, plain and simple. Something as seemingly innocuous as a spam email could trigger a disaster for the entire institution. As an educator, you should never have to carry such a demanding responsibility, and with the help of professional IT security services like Intellicomp Technologies, you don’t have to! Worries of digital attacks can be far from your mind when you rely on the tech experts to ensure that you and your staff and students are safe from the malicious cybercriminals who dominate the news today. You can learn more about cybersecurity and the services we offer on our website!