School Cyberattacks: What Do They Mean For You?

Today’s schools rely more and more on technology than ever, and when technology use increases, so does the frequency of cyberattacks. The world of digital crime is just as new as the world of digital technology, but just because it’s in its infancy doesn’t make the risk of a hack or technology breach any less threatening.

In recent years, schools have become increasingly popular targets for cybercriminals, to the dismay of administrators, families, and students alike. Take a look at any news outlet and you’ll see reports of these attacks taking place, but what does it mean for you and your school? Sadly, you might be in a more precarious position than you think.

Recent Cyberattacks

Our news cycles have been populated with regular reports of schools under cyberattack in the past few years. Minneapolis, Scranton, Saint Paul, Wallenpaupack, the list goes on and on. These attacks, at the very least, disrupt school schedules and learning time, with the Government Accountability Office reporting times ranging between three days and three weeks. Monetary losses, according to the same report, can range between $50,000 to $1 million, and this doesn’t even touch on the potential for identity theft, personal information leaks, doxxing, and other dangers to the students who attend your school, their families, and your school’s staff members.

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Are You At Risk?

With schools posing an enticing target for cybercriminals, you may be wondering if yours is even at risk at all. You may think your school is too small or too big to be a worthwhile target for a hacker, or simply that the outdated cybersecurity measures you might have in place will be sufficient. However, the sad truth is that the thing attracting cybercriminals to school is, in large part, their lack of adequate security measures. It doesn’t matter what type of school you are or where you are– if your cybersecurity isn’t up to par, a cybercriminal can make an easy mark out of your establishment.

What to Do

If your school is improperly defended against cyberattacks, every individual person attached to the school is at risk, not to mention huge amounts of time, effort, and taxpayer dollars. There’s only one thing to do to prevent these kinds of disasters from occurring, and that’s to address your cybersecurity immediately! Installing monitoring programs, advanced digital security systems, and other defensive measures are often the difference between a cyberattack disrupting the flow of education in your town or a hacker’s thwarted plans.

Working with IT Providers

Working with a professional IT company like Intellicomp Technologies is often the best and most efficient way to set up firm and reliable security measures for your school’s digital materials. Neither you, your administrators, nor any of your teachers likely have the time or expertise needed to set up really bulletproof security systems, so calling in the experts is the only way to get the best results. From arranging multi-factor authentication to installing antivirus software to providing valuable information on how to spot phishing schemes and other scams, our team at Intellicomp has the tools your school needs to protect itself against the digital criminals of the world!

Protecting your school against a cyberattack is a serious responsibility, but it’s not one that you have to take on alone. With the help of a professional IT service provider like Intellicomp Technologies, you’ll be set up for success! Click here to learn more about the cybersecurity services we offer.