Tech Updates: Is Your School Too Far Behind?

From student devices to sophisticated teaching tools, today’s rapidly changing world of technology has revolutionized education for the new generation. In every industry and every corner of the globe, tech is growing and evolving faster than most people can keep up with, and schools are no exception.

To expect a school to be able to successfully stay on top of all of the latest advancements is impossible– even with unlimited resources, staff, and funding, no school could manage such a feat! However, some take this dilemma too far in the other direction, and end up working with seriously outdated technology, putting themselves and their students at a disadvantage. Your school may be one of them– but what can you do about it! Here are the answers from the experts at Intellicomp Technologies!

How Important Is It?

With so many big things happening in the world of education, like teacher shortages, staying on the front lines of technology can often feel like a secondary priority, something that really isn’t worth your time as much as the other tasks on your plate. However, there are many drawbacks to using outdated technology in the classroom and the school system, many of which directly affect the students you’re trying to nurture and the teachers you’re trying to retain. 

Old technology can lead to disruptions in workflow and classroom management that make it hard for teachers and students to get through a lesson smoothly, and add to the frustrations and heavy workloads of your staff. On the other hand, using new and up-to-date technology has been shown to increase student creativity, encourage learning outside the classroom, and support more personalized education experiences for children.

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Is My School Too Small?

If your school tends to have smaller numbers, fewer teachers, and less in the way of funds and resources, you may feel that your establishment is too small to warrant attention on technology and staying on the cutting edge. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Any school that has students– which is to say, any school at all– can benefit from new and updated technology, even in the smallest ways. Bringing the modern digital world into the classroom helps to benefit students, teachers, and administrators alike, and there’s no size limit on those powerful impacts!

Do I Have Enough Time?

This question is where so many schools and school administrators get stopped in their tracks. Sure, new technology is great and there’s plenty of reasons to seek it out, but there’s just not enough time in the day to pull it off. For most people who work in education, this is absolutely true. It’s a field that’s always busy, and you have enough on your plate trying to keep up with basic curriculum, let alone trying to stay on top of technology that changes at the speed of light.

This is why professional IT services for schools, like those provided by Intellicomp Technologies, are invaluable resources! Education is more important than it gets credit for, and school staff need to make students their priority at all times, leaving little flexibility for other duties like tech upkeep. Bringing in an IT team allows this task to be taken care of externally without adding extra stress or responsibilities to any member of a school’s staff, saving time and pulling in many benefits for the entire organization!

IT services from Intellicomp Technologies could be just the thing that your school needs in order to stay on top of new technology. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us here!