Utilizing Telehealth Innovations in ABA Therapy

Therapy used to be a deeply interpersonal world, self-contained and relying heavily on face-to-face communication more than anything else and slow to integrate with the world of technology. That was, at least, until the Covid-19 pandemic swept in, shaking up every such industry and forcing them into a digital new day. For both individual therapists and practitioners and major therapy centers alike, adjusting to technology and making use of telehealth’s industry-wide revolutions is much easier said than done, but accessing the benefits that tech has to offer can be easier and more transformative than you could imagine! All it takes is the right help and support, just like therapy itself. Partnering with an IT service like Intellicomp Technologies can be the thing to make all the difference.

Adapting to the Modern World

Behavioral therapy, including modalities like ABA, faces many challenges in this modern day and age, with staff retention being a major problem. Finding and recruiting qualified therapists and well-trained practitioners is harder than ever today, and keeping them is even more difficult. Even with a fully staffed practice, managing your team, your patients, and the various housekeeping tasks that come along with the territory can be more work than you have the time and ability for, especially if you’re not naturally tech-savvy yourself. Turning this problem into a strength is possible, however, with IT services specially fitted to your needs!

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Acquisitions Made Easy

Acquiring new staff members in a specialized field like ABA therapy is a full-time job in and of itself– not something that a busy manager has time for, and certainly not something that can be managed by a therapist with a demanding caseload. Tech solutions only solve these problems when they’re easy to use and navigate, and that’s where Intellicomp Technologies comes in. All it takes is a little help from the experts to make it easy to automate and optimize recruitment tasks like scheduling interviews, managing applicant data, and ensuring compliance. Finding new staff members doesn’t have to stress you out anymore when you have the right tech tools and the support you need to use them to your advantage.

IT Efficiency

With long lists of patients, packed schedules, and never enough hands on deck, efficiency is something that can’t be neglected in therapy. There’s no time to waste on tasks that can be easily automated and taken over by tech tools, and to be living in the digital dark ages at your practice means dealing with serious consequences. At the very best, you’ll be suffering from wasted time that could be better devoted to other items on your to-do list, and at the worst, you can wind up losing staff members due to stress, losing patients due to poor management, and much more. In this regard, not only can outsourcing your IT needs to a company like Intellicomp Technologies improve your efficiency, it can improve your costs too, freeing up valuable time and saving you and your team effort for the things that need it most!

From digital patient portals and telehealth meetings to staff training and payment management, there’s no end to the benefits that technology can bring to behavioral healthcare, and no end to the ease that Intellicomp Technologies can bring to the digital world at your practice. You can contact us today to learn more about how our team can help yours.