COVID-19 Update

I hope and pray that everyone is doing well in these difficult times.  Some of you I have known for years and some of you not so long, but regardless I consider you all part of our IntelliComp family.  You are all in my prayers and thoughts.

We are here and in full force to assist in this uncertain time.  All our staff is available, and our help desk is fully manned for remote assistance.  We are limiting onsite visits to absolute emergencies to protect both our employees and yours.

Safety is paramount and therefore we want to do whatever we can to help facilitate proper social distancing and safety.  We also want to make sure that when applicable your employees have the tools to work from home.   Here is a short list of some of the tools we have made available/can help with.

  • Screen Connect is a tool that allows you to remote into your desktop computer in your office.  We have provided this software at no charge considering the emergency.  We had to expand our server resources to handle the load but I’m happy to report that this week we regularly have in excess of 250 users remoting in simultaneously with no degradation of performance.

  • When we are at work, we can just walk down the hall to speak with our colleagues.  As we are all working from home, we need a tool to allow our staff to stay in touch with one another and feel part of the team to communicate other than email. Teams is a chat/video software that can be a part of 365 (not all 365 licenses include it, but it can be added).   This tool is similar to WhatsApp on your phone except it resides on your computer and is oriented toward your business and employees.  We use it regularly at IntelliComp to chat or to setup daily morning video meetings with certain team members, especially during these times.


  • Business phones are another tool that we need access to.  Clients that are using one of our IP phone systems are now setup to work from a softphone to receive and make calls.  If you do not have an IP phone system and need this type of setup, please let us know.  We have the capacity to convert older systems to IP systems remotely in most cases and can provide your remote staff with phone access. 

  • When there is a need to meet with others outside your company, we recommend Zoom video meetings.  The ease and quality is unmatched.  We are certified re-sellers and we can help navigate the choices.

If you have any questions or need assistance in setting up your remote force, please let me know.


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