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Our all-in-one cloud computing package eliminates all hardware, software, and IT issues from your place of business, allowing you to focus on growth.

All your information will be stored safely in the cloud, and your employees will be able to access everything they need, anywhere they need it, at any time.

Why IntelliCloud?

Unlimited Capacity

The cloud is limitless in the amount of information it can store, and you’ll find that by investing in one or more cloud computing services, you’ll free up internal resources, leading to faster speeds, better performance, and an increase in cost savings.

No More Headaches

By eliminating physical servers from your office, you’re free to direct your attention and resources to more important things.


Even a stable system can crash, but cloud computing makes data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity easy and cost-efficient. We put in place a level of redundancy to make sure your systems are always available and data is never lost.

Save Money

Not only will you save on salary, you’ll save a large amount of money on equipment as well. IntelliComp can even provide the hardware you need to succeed. Eliminate the immense upfront cost of PCs; we’ll supply, update, and replace them as needed.

Total Security

IntelliCloud is 100% secure and easy to manage. Your data is safe, encrypted and backed up offsite.

Performance and Flexebilty

IntelliCloud is designed to guarantee flexibility, reliability and performance. We work diligently to ensure exceptional performance and availability.

IntelliCare Managed Services

Cloud Applications

Applications hosted in the cloud are becoming more and more popular. They are easy to use, very flexible, and can integrate well with other applications. Even companies that aren’t ready to make the full transition to the cloud use many of the cloud applications available. Whether its O365, GSuite, Dropbox, or Salesforce our team of experts can take care of it all. From management to migrations, we make sure the cloud solutions are working for you in the best possible way.

Cloud Workstations

Computers are expensive, require maintenance, and are eventually replaced. Remove the headaches and bills of hardware by making the switch to IntelliCloud. With IntelliCloud, clients do not have to invest so heavily in their hardware since they utilize our resources instead. We provide virtual workstations, using the power and reliability of our data centers. We take care of all the maintenance and security to make sure our clients have the best cloud experiences.

Cloud Servers

Many times, having the right server in place can ensure a productive workplace. But server hardware is expensive and requires constant upkeep and maintenance to make sure it continues to operate properly. Eliminate the costs and headaches by making the switch to IntelliCloud. We will scale your server to fit your needs, without having to make you pay for unnecessary resources. We handle all the updates, maintenance, backups, and security. We have built-in redundancies in our data centers to make sure your servers are prepared for anything. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you can rely on the speed, security, and reliability of IntelliCloud.

Business Continuity

Decrease downtime to mere minutes with our Backup and Disaster Recovery plan. When your systems go down, your business will not with IntelliCloud systems. We have built in redundancies to make sure you can operate when your local systems cannot. We can make sure your data is secure and get you back up and running in almost no time!

IntelliComp Technologies specializes in computer, data, and hard drive backup, as well as complete system recovery. Our cloud systems will make sure that when the worst does happen you are prepared.

“Amazing company! Aaron was very accommodating and helpful with our concerns. Fast and efficient service! Best in the Business!”

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