Security breaches through cyber attacks on hospitals, practices, and senior nursing facilites have become increasingly common

These breaches affect doctor-patient relationships and potentially expose you to legal repercussions. Effective IT support helps you manage your mountains of information and keep it safe.

Your patients depend on you. Be sure your IT works as hard as you do for them, 24/7.

HIPAA Compliance

Our team of HIPAA-trained experts ensures that your office is compliant and your data is secure. We’ll provide HIPAA risk assessment and mediation plans (as required by law) to identify possible weak spots and protect against future risks.

File Management

Upgrade to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), allowing you to keep track of your patients in real time with less paperwork, less manpower, and greater security and accessibility.

Patient Privacy

Keeping your patients’ information secure is a top priority. Protect your patients and your data with enterprise security and backup solutions with total data protection.

Improved Patient Healthcare

With all their information stored securely and shared between all providers, patients receive more accurate diagnoses and better overall care.

Quick Claim Filing

Filing electronically can cut reimbursement time in half compared to traditional submission methods.


We can consolidate technology between multiple offices and locations, offering agility and affordable scalability.

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