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At IntelliComp, we’re making our 2023 resolution to improve the security hygiene of ourselves and those around us. 

Take the next steps with us to help improve your security and those around you. Let’s make this year the last one we worry about being compromised.

Security with IntelliSecure

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Why is Cyber Security Important?

Only 40%

Of malware can be detected by anti-virus programs, what about the rest?


Of major financial loss are caused by business email compromise

$2.9 Million

Is the average cost of a data breach for SMBs (<500 employees)

Cyber Security is Serious Business

Find out how we can help

Enter: IntelliSecure

IntelliSecure 2023

Network Security

Powerful DNS tool to provide advanced network protection anywhere

IntelliSecure 2023

Endpoint Security

Continual threat monitoring to prevent attacks that slip by antivirus

IntelliSecure 2023

Email Security

Email security platform with advanced machine learning and AI.

IntelliSecure 2023

User ID and Authentication

Multi factor authentication to protect against a compromised account

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Infrastructure security 

IntelliSecure 2022

Advanced Network Protection – DNS filter

With IntelliSecure Advanced Network Protection, all name lookups will occur using our secure DNS Servers, and malicious requests will be blocked in real time as they’re detected. 

Our DNS servers are using hundreds of signatures to check for malicious activity in addition to a proprietary AI engine powered by DNSFilter. 62% of threats detected are only known to just our systems.

Advance Agent Protection

We live in a world now where 100% prevention of security incidents is impossible, similar to a Hurricane or Tornado, any good defense requires proper planning for managing and mitigating the incident with a good recovery plan in place. 

With our Advanced Agent Protection from Huntress, systems will be scanned and monitored in a variety of ways including, persistence mechanisms, external port scanning, and more. Plus,  a human Security Research team will be reviewing, and escalating incidents when a breach has been detected or deemed imminent. .

IntelliSecure 2022

Advanced Email Protection

Advanced Email Protection powered by Ironscales uses Machine Learning and an AI called Themis to individually inspect all attachments, emails, and links that are delivered to your mailbox.

Users will also be alerted when an email is suspicious even when it looks legitimate, with built-in email banners. Plus, a central management portal is available for the Security Officer to review suspicious emails, and the training campaigns.

Multi Factor Authorization

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) provides a second layer of authentication to protect users when their passwords have been compromised. 

Setup is simple and can be done by either registering your phone or an external USB key to provide that second layer of authentication. It has become such a basic requirement that it is now included as a minimum for almost all Cyber Insurance policies.


Ready to Take Security to the Next Level?

Cyber Security

SOC + SIEM Services

A key component of cyber-security and compliance is implementing a SOC and SIEM solution to monitor, respond, and log activity across your entire organization. Our systems monitor all network traffic and harness threat intelligence across multiple threat intel feeds, to ensure rapid detection of known malicious activity. These alerts are sent to our SOC (security operations center) who work, validate and remediate real-time threats.

Security Awareness Training

One of the requirements for compliance is a formalized Security Awareness Training program for your employees. 

KnowBe4 is the leading industry provider for Employee Training and includes the ability to upload Company Policies and other custom items that can be tracked along with the employee training.

get Secure with IntelliSecure

Get Secure with IntelliSecure


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