Our children are our future, and schools – like the students – become more digitalized with every passing year.

At IntelliComp Technologies, we deeply value education and are committed to helping our schools flourish. We work with you to ensure maximum productivity of your students, teachers, administration, and employees.


Your students and teachers depend on you. Be sure your IT works as hard as you do for them, 24/7.


Privacy Protection

Our elastic database provides multiple servers for your school’s cloud computing needs. We can ensure the privacy of your students’ data in compliance with FERPA, as well as the privacy of the school’s administrative documents from malware and external or internal hacks.


Data Recovery

Backups will be set up for recovering data in case of inadvertent mistakes or power outages. Cloud computing ensures continuity in the students’ learning and allows hardware and software to run efficiently.


Remote Access

With the help of cloud computing, school work and lessons are accessible to students at home for a better understanding of the subject matter. Video conferencing and VoIP services also enable the school in advancing remote learning.


Advanced Learning

To foster web-based and smart classrooms, we provide electronic blackboards and video-conferencing services. This enables the incubation of technology labs to support learning over various operating systems.


Device Selection & Optimization

As a school ecosystem is made up of a variety of devices like desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, we offer the procurement of hardware for the school to ensure that you get the right devices, optimized for your usage, at the best possible prices.


Increased Efficiency

Our team of technicians around the country will cater to any maintenance issues you face. IntelliComp Technologies is a comprehensive provider of IT support for education. We cover all major school districts across the country.

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