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VoIP is the standard for successful businesses. Take advantage of the flexibility and features our a fully cloud-based VoIP system.


VoIP allows both voice and data communications to be run over a single network, which significantly reduces infrastructure costs. IntelliVoIP also provides the flexibility to take your business anywhere – with softphone and smart phone apps – that allow you to run your business from anywhere.


Why IntelliVoIP?

On-The-Go Convenience

Take a call on your laptop at home, on your cell when you’re out, or on your phone at work. VoIP allows communication to and from just about any device that can receive calls.

Extra-High Capacity

With optimized technology, your VOIP system will never go down because too many calls are being made (and there won’t be more servers taking up more space, either).


When compared with any of the conventional analog services, VoIP is much easier to install and will cost you significantly less than the other formats. Add IntelliVoIP’s fixed monthly rates and you’ll compound the savings!


Don’t be tied down by your phone system. With VoIP you can be anywhere and still have access to all the features of you phone in the office. You can also use our Follow to Cell feature to make sure you can catch any important calls that come your way.

IntelliVoIP Services

Unified Communications

VoIP is an effective way to reduce extra costs and still have a clear and reliable phone line. Its integration into the network allows it to become more robust and flexible. Unified Communications refers a system that integrates your phone system with a user-friendly interface on your computer. Need to transfer a call? Just drag it with your mouse to another user. You can see if other employees are on the phone, send messages, listen to voicemails and much more. Enjoy all the features of a VoIP phones system at the click of a mouse.

Automated Attendant

Remove the need for an operator with Auto Attendant. Any callers that call in will be offered a menu to choose from as well as the ability to transfer to an extension. Remove the middleman and help ensure a productive workforce.

Contact Center Software

Any professional company needs to have an open line of communication. But it’s very difficult to manage. As companies grow the problem only grows with it. With a Contact Center we give you the ability to track all forms of communications coming in and make sure customers are taken care of. Rest easy knowing that you are giving your customers a great customer experience.

Video Teleconferencing

We ensure top picture and audio quality to provide the best experience for your business. No need to travel anymore to meet with co-workers or clients. Video teleconferencing allows employees to be productive wherever they are!


“Working with Intellicomp was a great experience, Kevin and his team are very efficient and provide excellent service. I look forward to working with them again.”

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