Your undertaking is a noble one, but your IT is slowing down your efficiency – and the cause that depends on you.

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of non-profit organizations, with your limited resources a top priority. With your IT in our capable hands, you can focus solely on the mission of the organization and work towards growing it further.


Your organization depends on you. Be sure your IT works as hard as you do for them, 24/7.


Minimal Downtime

When you’re working on limited funds, downtime can be devastating. Our services ensure that irrespective of a cybersecurity attack or malfunctioning equipment, downtime is drastically reduced. Our team of top professionals can solve most issues remotely and without delay.


Streamlined Equipment

Cut down on the equipment that may be cluttering your workspace (and your resources). When you shift to cloud computing, you’ll simplify your hardware, software, and other IT paraphernalia.


Straightforward Usage

New employees and volunteers can be easily and seamlessly added to the network when they join your organization. The clear, simple systems make it easy to familiarize new people with your procedures and get them on board quickly.



Our flat-fee plans are explicit, so you’ll never get an unexpected bill or discover hidden fees. We’ll perform an assessment that includes a needs analysis to determine your specific requirements and a cost benefit analysis to ensure that your budget isn’t overshot.


Data Protection

Your donors and benefactors deserve their privacy. Our services protect your financial and personal data from would-be breaches and hacking so that you can continue your vital work with peace of mind.



IntelliComp understands the needs and requirements of non-profit organizations. Allow us to help navigate the cross between technology and business.

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